Using the Shipbook  Web API 

Application Programming Interface

By making certain APIs public, Shipbook allowing you the flexibility to use this messenger any way you want!
What are APIs?

APIs are the messenger that will take your external request, or the request made on the console, and deliver that request to our server.  This very API will then act as the very messenger who will take the server’s response back to you!

Here,  list of free APIs that are open for use with Shipbook software for app programming and development.

Take a deeper look at the APIs that are available to the public at Shipbook: 

Search- Shipbook logs and sessions API

Use the API that makes it easy to do flexible, Google- style searches within the logs and sessions. Our server will respond with all of the relevant information from the database and this API will deliver it to you in a format that is easy to transform and use on any results page- including our console. Giving you ultimate control over the available information per session.

Loglytics - ProActive system

The API which allows you to view all of the error logs and warning logs in separate comprehensive lists, catalogued according to issue frequency: helping you find the recurring issues in your code.

GDPR- Enable & disable devices

According to the GDPR you must have the ability to enable and disable device use/sharing of information, in accordance with your user’s request. We have made this API public allowing you direct access, if you so choose, to this action. Just one more detail that we thought of to continue to maintain our excellence in GDPR compliance in a way that is user-friendly and convenient for you.

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