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Your guide to working remotely in Shipbook

Learn how you and your team get work done—no matter your location

Welcome to our step by step user guide to the Logbook:

You can search through your logs with free text search or using parameters such as Device Model, UDID, or App Version. We make these searches even easier with our intuitive autocomplete function. Give it a try!


Next, on the top Right notice six severity icons that allow you to control how you prefer to search.

From left to right the icons allow you to automatically organize your logs based on: 

  1. Verbose

  2. Debug

  3. Info

  4. Warning

  5. Error

  6. Exception.

Expert tip! You can also configure or add settings by clicking on the small plus sign that appears after each parameter. These will now become searchable parameters. 


Any individual log session can be viewed by clicking on the small arrow (our “Go to Session” icon) on the far right, at the end of each log row.