What is the difference between Firebase Crashlytics and Shipbook?

Crashlytics is a great solution for reporting crashes in your apps. The problem is that it won’t catch all of the other issues that could take place in your app. This is the exact reason we developed Shipbook.
Shipbook remotely stores logs and exceptions from your app’s users in the cloud. This data is crucial to understanding the steps leading up to your app’s crash and helping you discover the solution before your users detect any problem.

Is it possible to use Shipbook and  Firebase Crashlytics together?

Absolutely! Shipbook and Crashlytics work together in perfect harmony. Crashlytics alerts you when your app has experienced a crash and Shipbook will help you find out what caused the crash in the first place, displaying the logs that led up to the crash- thereby helping you solve the problem ASAP.

Integrating Shipbook with Crashlytics is a quick and simple solution. Once connected, you’ll be able to open the session of the crash and thanks to Shipbook, you’ll have the full picture and will be able to see all of the actions leading up to the crash.

Why Integrate Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics?

See the crash and everything leading up to it.

Connect Firebase Crashlytics

to Shipbook and get the full picture as to why your mobile apps are crashing.

 Integration with Shipbook is fast & simple and will instantly eliminate the guesswork as to the source of the issues. 

Shipbook allows you to see all of the logs in the session of the crash and provide an indication of the cause of the crash.

With one click, you can view all of the logs leading up to the crash and uncover why the crash occurred in the first place.

Get ready to ease the pressure and fix issues before your users even notice them.

Feel light & free from crashes and issues.

Integrate your app faster than you can drop anchor. 


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