At Bazaart we value customer experience above all. By being proactive and detecting issues with the help of Shipbook before they are being reported we are able to constantly improve our product and keep our users happy.

Uri Kogan

CTO at Bazaart

As a developer of a popular iPhone app there are many issues and bugs that I'm unable to reproduce. Therefore we incorporate very thorough logging, but up until Shipbook it was only available when a technical user would send us an email with the relevant information on his device where the information was logged. With Shipbook, we have access to all that information from a convenient dashboard. We can also cross reference the issue with other occurrences for different users and narrow down the causes for the bugs

We are part of a team who developed Bazaart, a photo editing app for the iPhone. Since so much of our precious moments are caught with our smartphone's camera the ability to manipulate the photo, add text and remove the background is a big part of our users’ and our lives.

Dror Yaffe

Co-Founder Bazaart

Customer Success Stories


through Shipbook, we will have all the information available for immediate recovery

Shipbook's solution is awesome. The interface was easy to use and intuitive.

we started getting various logs that helped us understand what exactly the issue is internally and gave us indicators on how to fix both on our backend service and in our apps.