Our products are marketed under brands recognised worldwide, such as HP, Kodak, Crayola, Polaroid and many more. Working with high end brands such as these puts extra demand on the reliability of the solutions. Shipbook fits well into this goal.

One challenge we have is that our devices are not necessarily connected to the Internet at all times. It is therefore important that it is possible to save the logs on the end user device without taking up much space and that it can be sent even in cases with poor bandwidth. Shipbook answers these requirements since log files are insignificant in size and the solution is built to keep log files on the end user device until it can send them over an Internet connection.

C+A Global is dedicated to providing creative, high-quality products and solutions through our extensive portfolio of brands. We aspire to earn the number-one position with consumers for innovation, value, and customer service and continuously seek out and implement consumers’ feedback to achieve these goals.

Shlomo Engel

Product Management Professional at C+A Global

Customer Success Stories

C+A Global

through Shipbook, we will have all the information available for immediate recovery

Shipbook's solution is awesome. The interface was easy to use and intuitive.

we started getting various logs that helped us understand what exactly the issue is internally and gave us indicators on how to fix both on our backend service and in our apps.