A Better Way to Get Logs From Android Devices.

Shipbook gives you a simple search to retrieve the logs you are looking for.
A faster and easier way to fix issues.


Cutting Edge Features


The Captain's Dashboard: Your System Overview

View actual user app stability. In depth graphs of system metrics including log errors and usage per app version over time. Optimize the quality of your app.

All the Parameters in One Efficient Search

With a simple and powerful search tool, combine one or more search params:
User ID, device type, app version, log message text and more. All logs are shown within context to effortlessly identify users' issues and fix your code.

A Comprehensive List of Log Issues (patent pending)

A proactive log categorization system that lists logs in accordance to the frequency of issue recurrence. The power to discern which errors need more urgent attention. Fix your code before your users complain.

Automated Anomaly Detection

With critical issues, timing is everything. Shipbook's powerful algorithm identifies the recurring problems in your app and sends an automatic alert straight to you and your dev team.

3rd Party Integration

Share the information with your team:

Shipbook is fully integratable with both Jira & Slack! 

Integrate in minutes!

Get started faster than you can drop anchor

Shipbook is completely compatible with Android

Use Kotlin for logs or Java for logs, your choice!


Let us help you prioritize and fix the significant leaks immediately... before they can sink the ship,

so you can fix your app before your users even notice a problem!

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