Why Don't Mobile App Developers Use Logs?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We take a look at why logs are not as prevalent in mobile application development as they are in other types of software development.

By Elisha Sterngold | Founder & CEO

This post was developed by Eran Kinsbruner, Lead Software Evangelist, Perfecto & Elisha Sterngold, CEO and Founder of Shipbook.io


In the software development world, when developers want to understand why something doesn’t work in the program that they developed, the first place to look is the logs. The logs give the developer a “behind the scene” view of what happened to the code when the program ran.

The question is why, in mobile app development, developers aren’t using the app logs to analyze app issues. Some even remove them before production, for example, in Android they use ״proguard״ to remove the logs.

Significance of Logs

Before we start explaining the reasons why mobile app developers don’t use logs, let’s examine the importance of logs.

The significance of logs is divided between the development stage and the deployment (QA/staging/production) stage.

Development Stage

In the development world, there are two contradicting philosophies: see more...

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