Testimonial/TinyTap | Shipbook.io
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   When introducing any new tool to our app development team, it is important that we make sure that it is being used and creates value. This is true regardless of the prize of the tool. Shipbook has proven itself to create value to TinyTap and we are using in on a daily basis.

 Shipbook is helping us making better and more reliable apps. We use the tools in our error handling processes and it has proven to be very powerful. The possibility to detect errors before our customers do and then solve them quickly is very helpful. The technical support we are getting from Shipbook is fast and reliable and we can see that some of the ideas for improvement that we have suggested have been implemented in their solution. This goes goes very well with our values, believing in the ability of anyone to both teach and learn.



    TinyTap is a social platform which empowers families,      teachers and students to learn from each other by creating their own personalized learning apps and playing thousands of new ones shared daily by a worldwide community of educators and learners worldwide. Together we are building the world's largest marketplace for educational games - a community that celebrates creativity and knowledge!