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Meet Our Founders

The Hidden Meaning of Shipbook:

Shipbook pays homage

to the etymology of the term “log”.

Long ago captains used something called a chip log as a nautical speedometer. They would shave a chip off a wooden log and attach it to a long measuring line (log-line) which was knotted at uniform intervals.The relative speed was calculated by placing the chip log into the water and then slowly releasing the rope while measuring the time. The knots enabled a quick measurement of the length of rope that was released into the water, i.e. the distance the ship had moved during that time. The knot amount per hour was written in a Logbook. This information could be drawn on a map to follow the ship’s progress to its destination.

We love a name that pays tribute to the innovations that changed the course of history. Much like ancient logbooks, Shipbook was created to give developers a faster and better way to navigate their app’s remote logs…

Ready? Set Sail & Let Shipbook

Guide You Through the Sea of Logs!

log file

(CEO & Founder)

Elisha dreams in code. He now uses his wealth of knowledge and programming experience to build tools like Shipbook so coders can sleep easy at night.
He is also prone to seasickness

check crash logs


First Officer
(Chief Design Officer & Founder) 

Avishag knows that a tool is only as good as its design.
She harmoniously transforms code into intuitive experiences and takes great pleasure from the results. It’s called a design high.

logging service

Captain’s Log:
Shipbook’s Timeline to Success

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Do you enjoy writing at a high technical level? We are willing to pay for professional content of high quality. So, come and Contact us.


Reader's Call - Join Our Professional Content Writers

The dream comes true! Advanced technology and logs speak directly to you. 🚀💬


LogChat - AI Deep Learning Machine

Your Catalog's Vital Tool!


Custom Alert

We are thrilled to announce that Shipbook and Perfecto have joined forces so that manual testers, automated engineers, and developers alike can see if an error is occurring during their testing session


Integration with Perfecto

Watch logs in real-time as they are generated. Just like a vigilant captain keeping an eye on the ship's course! 🚢⚓️


Live tail

For React Native developers only! To all of the pushers and prodders out there who continued to nudge us- thanks to your perseverance, we’ve finally done it!


React Native

A powerful tool for developers, providing crucial insights into app code.


Dsym for iOS

We've released a new Beta version for React Native. After receiving your feedback we will be releasing a final version.


Updating Blogs and Docs

Incorporating all of our user suggestions, and some of our own enhancements to make sure Shipbook is constantly evolving and growing. Like the thousands of tiny little plankton that fill a whale's every mouth full.


Upgrading Shipbook



Shipbook is celebrating its 3rd birthday.

The share icon opens a slew of tools that will allow you to easily share data in a number of ways. You have the option to share the page link, directly through email, copy the page link, download the page data, Slack, or Jira.


Logbook & Loglytics 3rd Party Integration with Slack and Jira - New Feature

We talked with customers and got positive feedback that helped us make a product that people love. Find and fix the issues in your app before your clients even notice!


We have launched the Loglitycs

logging library
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