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Do you enjoy writing at a high technical level? We are willing to pay for professional content of high quality. So, come and read the following details.

The Shipbook blog is written for developers in the fields of Android, iOS, and React Native. We believe in promoting in-depth technical content that helps developers excel in their work and stay updated with new technologies.


Why write for Shipbook?

We pay per article and expect a high standard for each article.

Each article should be about 1,300 to 1,800 words. 

We are always looking to collaborate with enthusiastic developers who love to write engaging and professional content.

What kind of article could fit Shipbook?

That's the question we often get asked.

A professionally written and high-quality article for senior developers.​

Here are some examples of the types of articles we love:

  1. Swiftui vs Storyboard

  2. Kotlin Coroutines - Asynchronous Programming in Kotlin Android

  3. The Culture of Code Review

When you're thinking about your next (or upcoming) article for Shipbook, consider the following questions:


Who is this article intended for?

The Shipbook blog is intended for experienced developers and team leaders.


What is the process of working with Shipbook?

You are allowed to republish on your site one month after our publication date, provided you include the source of the article and a link to the article on Shipbook.


How does it work?

Interaction with the company occurs in several stages:


  1. Proposing topics and getting them approved.

  2. Title + summary + outline paragraphs outlining the structure of the article + keywords.

  3. Article approval.

  4. Writing the article, including code examples.

  5. Up to 3 rounds of comments.

  6. Engaging headline + 3 summary sentences for distribution on social networks.

  7. The interaction will take place in Google Docs.


Remember, our target audience consists of experienced programmers

who want to deepen their knowledge.

contact us:

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