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Smarter Simpler Search

When a user complains about experiencing an issue, it is often impossible to know exactly what happened behind the scenes. Even if you have a logging system to retrieve user’s logs, searching through endless logs is often cumbersome and annoying.

With Logbook, you have the power to retrieve users’ logs and exceptions in one smart and simple search. With extensive parameters such as: User ID, device type, app version, time, message text and more, you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Stop wasting time attempting to replicate the issue in the lab.  Get the whole picture, with the logs of the entire event trail, in context, so you can analyze exactly what happened.

Fixing issues in your code has never been faster and easier.


Stop Looking. Start Fixing.

A unique proactive system (patent pending).
Relying only on QA for issue detection will have limitations. There will always be undiscovered issues that will appear in production and effect end user experience.

Shipbook’s unique algorithm organizes recurring error logs into one comprehensive list. Logs are listed according to frequency. The more urgent the log, the higher up it will be.

Be proactive and fix your apps issues before users notice them. 


Real-Time Overview of App Stability.

When an application is released for production it is necessary to have a dashboard that can give you a comprehensive overview that will cover an expansive number of users, no matter where they are, what app version, or OS they are using.

The Bridge features in-depth graphs of system metrics, error logs remotely and usage per app version over time. Switch between hourly, daily or monthly views.

See whether errors are occurring in specific app versions as well as user update rates for an extensive picture of actual app stability.



Smart & Simple Remote App Log Viewer.

Detect issues in real-time, before users do.

Instant & Intelligent Alerts

Shipbook ensures your peace of mind by automatically sending alerts to your e-mail or Slack whenever it detects unusual activity or critical errors in your app. With Shipbook, you'll be the first to know when urgent action is needed, allowing you to address issues swiftly and effectively.

So sit back, relax on the beach, and enjoy a refreshing milkshake while Shipbook takes care of detecting issues in your app.


Share the information with your team: we are fully integratable with both Jira and Slack!

Send log text and links from user sessions and issue logs to your team with Jira or Slack so they can pick up directly where you left off in the console. With unlimited users, you can tag your entire team- without any problem. 

Configure automatic alerts so that they are instantly sent to the Slack channel of your choice.


Don't limit app monitoring to crashes alone. Firebase Crashlytics won't help for any other issues users may be experiencing. With Shipbook you have visibility of all your app's issues and you can easily integrate Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics for a comprehensive solution. With one click, view all the logs leading up to the error and uncover why it occurred in the first place.

Why Integrate Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics?
Get the full picture for all your app’s issues without limiting yourself to crashes alone.

Integrating Firebase Crashlytics with Shipbook is fast & simple and will instantly eliminate the guesswork as to the source of the issues.

Fix your code with one easy search and locate the logs of the issue or crash, in context.

Integration with Firebase Crashlytics

All that's left for you to do is hop on board!

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mobile app logging best practices

AI-Powered Insights: Logchat Unleashed!

Logchat is an AI-powered chat tool that analyzes mobile application logs, providing two key advantages:

  1. It enables non-technical users, such as Product Managers (PMs), Quality Assurance (QA) teams, and Customer Support (CS) representatives, to effortlessly review logs through natural conversations and swiftly pinpoint the root cause of issues.

  2. It empowers technical users, specifically developers, to harness the chat for comprehensive log analysis, assisting them in discovering valuable insights and uncovering hidden patterns that they might have otherwise overlooked.

Logchat facilitates seamless collaboration between both technical and non-technical team members, streamlining the troubleshooting process and bolstering productivity in resolving application-related issues.


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