Real-time tools & insights so you can respond to problems

before your users even notice them.



Dive Into Your Logs

Navigate the waves of data by searching your logs and exceptions by parameters such as User ID, device type and app version. Take full control over which logs are sent to the cloud with a simple configuration that works on the fly.


Combining the error logs and the warning logs into separate comprehensive lists, catalogued according to issue frequency, and essentially doing the work for you.

A unique proactive system. 


Stop Looking Start Fixing

The platform enables you to find all of the recurring issues in your code.  The moment our system identifies a new issue or specific instances of unusual activity you will immediately receive an alert. 

What all this means is that we help you prioritize and fix the significant leaks immediately... before they can sink the ship, helping you fix your app before your users complain! 


Monitor and optimize the performance of your application




of Your App Logs. 

View your logs and exceptions with a clear and holistic map of your mobile app. Easily switch between an hourly, daily or monthly overview.

From Stem To Stern.



Instant & Intelligent  Alerts

You can rest assured that Shipbook’s automated alert system will notify you in the event of a malfunction or when unusual activity is detected.


with Firebase Crashlytics  

With one click, you can view all the logs leading up to the crash and uncover why the crash occurred in the first place. 

Why Integrate Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics?

Connect Crashlytics to Shipbook and get the full picture as to why your mobile apps are crashing.

Integration with Shipbook is

fast & simple and will instantly eliminate the guesswork as to the source of the issues. 

Shipbook allows you to see all of the logs in the session of the crash and provide an indication of the cause of the crash.

3rd Party Integration
Share the information with your team: we are fully integratable with both Jira and Slack! 

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