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We needed a simple and practical tool that would enable us to both store and view our logs in the cloud. Shipbook met and exceeded all of our expectations, including the simplicity of the API as well as in using the console, which made viewing logs intuitive and convenient.

Today, we use Shipbook to backup our app, maintain stability, and this is the assurance that we needed that in the event of any problem with our app, through Shipbook, we will have all the information available for immediate recovery.

Initially we were met with objections when it came to paying for a logging service.

This initial objection quickly dissipated however when we realized that despite the fact that there were cheaper softwares out there, there was no comparison, and we found the quality of these other platforms to be much lower, with a much steeper integration curve, and often, they simply did not work.

Robson Barreto dos Santos

Android Developer At Btime

How BTime backups their app and maintains stability for their SaaS platform





Mkt CAP 

São Paulo, BR



Saas platform


Our primary, client facing, app is our Waste Tracker Android app. The app is fairly complex, with many integrations, and as such, remote logs are a complete necessity to understand what is happening at the moment.

through Shipbook, we will have all the information available for immediate recovery

Shipbook's solution is awesome. The interface was easy to use and intuitive.

Btime is an operational management SaaS platform that automates flow, standardizes processes and increases the productivity and efficiency of your teams, making your life and work much simpler.

Our solution centralizes the entire information exchange of your operation in one place, making everything available in real-time!

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