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Part of what we offer are easy-to-use mobile apps. In order to have the most reliable app we use Shipbook’s logging platform. Shipbook fits our values well. They have developed a great and easy to use solution for mobile app developers. Similar to the service we provide to our customers, Shipbook helps us detect problems in our mobile app fast and at times, even before anyone notices.

We were looking for a cloud logging system for mobile, that will natively work for our developers, expose the logs we require, and group them into user sessions so we can see our user’s activity in the app before the problem started.

We were investigating an issue reported by our customers that was very difficult to re-create in our environment. Shipbook allowed us to deploy this to all of our customers and get the real picture of how many users were actually affected and what led to this problem.

Golan Shay

Head of Mobile at Neos

Making smart-home technology even smarter by detecting issues before they start





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London, UK





We selected Shipbook due to the exceptional clarity and user-friendliness of their SDK documentation. This enabled us to integrate their services swiftly and efficiently. In remarkably little time, we began observing console logs in near-real-time, achieving this with minimal effort.

Neos has a suite of high end / low cost smart-home devices, from security cameras, motion and door sensors to leak detection sensors and others which we combine into a single smart-home app. We also give this offering to some of our business customers who use our services in their offering to their customers.

Neos focuses on preventing bad things from happening to good people. We’re using technology to create a smarter kind of home insurance that’s actively there for you, with your interests at heart – protecting what matters most in your world.

Neos customers can feel confident that they’ve chosen a smarter way to protect their homes, which uniquely combines smart home technology (to detect problems), human assistance (to help fix things) and comprehensive insurance (just in case).

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