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We had a client who reported to us about a weird bug that we couldn’t reproduce back in the development environment. We weren’t sure what was causing the problem, and the client was geographically far away from us. We needed a remote way to get some information about the internal processes inside the app.

We integrated Shipbook and added some logs around places to help us better understand the flow that can cause the issue. When the client reproduced the issue with a version that has Shipbook integrated, we started getting various logs that helped us understand what exactly the issue is internally and gave us indicators on how to fix both on our backend service and in our apps.

Aviad Coppenhagen


Steps is able to get logs from their clients and understand internal issues quickly





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At Bazaart we value customer experience above all. By being proactive and detecting issues with the help of Shipbook before they are being reported we are able to constantly improve our product and keep our users happy.

A small percentage of issues in our app definitely couldn't have been solved without remote logging. When users report issues that don't crash and are hard to reproduce. Remote logging is the only feasible solution for efficient debugging.

Our primary, client facing, app is our Waste Tracker Android app. The app is fairly complex, with many integrations, and as such, remote logs are a complete necessity to understand what is happening at the moment.

STEPS allows communities to create and share location-based information easily and efficiently, by building their own customized map.

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