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Before implementing Shipbook we were using an inhouse logging library and Kibana to search through the logs. That solution was not user friendly and almost impossible for less technical people in the organisation to use. We also had a challenge that we could not set a maximum limit of Mb of data logs that could be stored on the devices creating problems in some cases.

We were looking for a service that helps aggregate logs in a useful way. Shipbook was a good choice because it offers some of the basic search functions we require. Our app is used in many countries worldwide and Shipbook allows us to better understand issues on a more global scale.

Dalibor Milasinovic

Senior Android Developer at Winnow

An app log solution even less technical people can use





Mkt CAP 

London, UK





At Bazaart we value customer experience above all. By being proactive and detecting issues with the help of Shipbook before they are being reported we are able to constantly improve our product and keep our users happy.

A small percentage of issues in our app definitely couldn't have been solved without remote logging. When users report issues that don't crash and are hard to reproduce. Remote logging is the only feasible solution for efficient debugging.

Our primary, client facing, app is our Waste Tracker Android app. The app is fairly complex, with many integrations, and as such, remote logs are a complete necessity to understand what is happening at the moment.

Winnw helps commercial kitchens reduce food waste and as such has a very planet friendly purpose.

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