Shipbook Guide

3rd Party integration

We are fully integratable with both Jira and Slack!

From within the logbook note the share icon on the far right:

Click on share icon and a dropdown menu will appear with the following options

Clicking on the jira icon will allow you

to share the link to the page through jira

The slack icon will allow you to share the link to the page via slack.

You can even email the page link.

download the data of the log to a json file. 

You can also select the copy icon, which gives you the option to copy the link to your clipboard.

How does integration work in Loglytics?

In the homepage select any of the errors, or warnings in the menu.

In the data page of the selected error Loglytics gives you the sharing options on the far right.

Either send the link to Jira, Slack, or email, as well as the copy link feature. Here, you will also be able to download the log data.

 Alert system

Preferences  -> 3rd Party Integrations -> Slack 

This opens the automated alert system.

Automatically share any alerts received to Slack in addition to the standard email you will receive. 

Shipbook makes it possible to easily and seamlessly continue working with the same software that you and your team work with.



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